About Ideal Commercial Heating

In 2005 Ideal Heating celebrated its centenary; a centenary of innovation, evolution and industry.

Today the company remains at the forefront of the domestic and commercial heating markets, still leading the industry in setting new standards and expanding technological boundaries. Ideal Heating remains true to its principles of quality, innovation and value; building on its rich heritage as it looks to the future.

Today, our latest commercial and industrial products continue the tradition of high quality technology with innovative design. Far from resting on its achievements, Ideal continues to develop the next generation of boilers to meet the next generation`s demands.

As environmental concerns continue to grow, Ideal remains dedicated towards creating solutions to meet the needs of the market through a range of renewable energy solutions, perfect for new build and retrofit applications alike.



The laboratory for development of products Ideal gained from its official opening in 1995 a siginificant public acceptance for its area of expertise.

In order to satisfy needs of company Ideal and the industry, the new laboratory is equipped by ultra special hi-tech, elektronic and computer testing stations, placed in airconditioned space.

New equipment of the laboratory contains newest analyzer units, control systems, PC and software with data equipment for ensuring highest accuracy for testing boilers and level required by all state industrial and authorized institutions. 

New equipment also enables complex experiments unique in the whole Europe heating industry. This fact confirms the commitment of the company to bring to its customers boilers always in the top quality and execution.



The company Ideal is proud on the volume of its production investments. By these investments it prooves its philosophy - philosophy of continuous improvement and it shows the company commitment to be able to manage crucial issues and its progress in a high quality standard.

Careful creation of simple method of assembly is admired in the whole heating industry. During the last 5 years the company invested over six billions british pounds in the mother factory in Hull - modernization of buildings and installation of new machinery to create pleasant working environment. Production cells were sensitively created to enable production of high quality boilers. Boilers that will improve piece after piece. Small groups of people work in those cells on their production. By all these factors Caradon achieved substantive decrease of production time. This also enables to meet wishes of customers requiring prompt delivery. Additional benefit was also the decrease of the space necessary for production and storing.

Manufacturing norms have traditionaly high quality. In 1984 was Caradon Ideal one of the first companies that received the quality mark BS 5750 Part II, followed by the international acknowledgment and price BS 5750 Part I (ISO 9001) in 1989. Continuous seeking of quality has not ended by this achievement. Within the frame of all-european training with 650 other producers, that was also audited by external consultants from IBM, the company Caradon Ideal prevailed in the demanding test of their experts. This audit tested into smallest details all aspects of production and tested validity, effectivity and quality of all processes. Caradon Ltd. received an acknowledgment the "World Class Manufacturer", another confirmation of relentless commitment for the quality and proof of the effor to offer its customers best possible products supported by services and help of highest quality.

Ideal is a leading british producer of gas appliances - boilers. Its year production exceeds 100 000 pieces of wall-hung boilers and several tens of thousands of boilers with output over 50kW. Many years ago, Ideal has abandoned the system of line production for the warehouse. The warehouse was cancelled and replaced by production that is flexible and permits to solve order within one week.

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The start of manufacturing of heating products IDEAL is dated to 1872, when in the city WARE - state Massachusets - started manufacturing of stoves.

During the next 20 years the company has grown, changed name and then was bought by a bigger company. In the 1897 was the company IDEAL bought by American company for radiators and started manufacturing cast-iron boilers under the now-famous brand IDEAL.

Subsequently the company expanded to Europe and opened there shops and manufacturing base. The base was in harbour HULL because of close sea transport to Scandinavia and Western Europe.

The factory in Hull is in operation since 1906, but did not start as boiler place but at first radiators were manufactured there.

After the 1st World War the factory went through many changes. The manufacturing of boilers and radiators according to US standards was abandoned and the factory developed its own models, more convenient for British market demands. British boilers were typically placed in the kitchen and therefore the design played crucial role for its customers. One of the first results of its own development was the model IDEAL COOK AND HEAT. This revolutionary self standing stove combinešd the central heating boiler, stove and hot-plate. This solution meant dramatic decrease in central heating cost, as compared to any other available solution.

Around 1920 was manufactured first world famous boiler IDEAL for households. It was followed by millions of similar boilers made by the factory in the following years. Though, todays neat wall-hung boiler has only very little in common with the black leaded and polished product of those days.

Over the years that followed, Ideal rapidly built a reputation for high quality products that met the ever-changing demands of the marketplace. From taking boilers from basements into kitchens in the 1920s, right through to introducing pioneering high efficiency technologies, Ideal have built up a range of comprehensive and reliable products, designed with the installer and homeowner in mind.

After 1930 occured the change of popular fuel and gas started to be commonly used. Therefore, the company took massive steps to maintain its place as a leader of the development.

The production was increased all the time, in order to satisfy growing demand. The production was mainained even during the WWII and several bilions of m2 of radiators and over 250.000 heat sources were delivered to armies both in England and Europe.

In 1976 was the factory acquired by the company STELRAD Group - independent branch of company METAL BOX, followed by the later acquisition of CARADON HEATING.

In 1993 Metal Box CARADON acquired group PILAR and number of its employees jumped up from 10,000 to 25,000. It has also changed its name to CARADON PLC. In the same year was split the production of radiators (STELRAD) and boilers (IDEAL) to independend production units.