We ensure service within the guarantee period and subsequent care even on boilers delivered to Czech Republic before our company was founded.

We have passed specialized training on maintenance and service of Ideal boilers with the manufacturer Caradon Ideal in Great Britain. Our company only employs workers who are appropriately trained and in perfect command of all necessary techniques. All our employees have substantive experience and passed professional training. 

Our service care includes common repairs, change of spare parts, cleaning of fans and burners, washing filters and heat exchangers and measurment of individual modules emissions. We also ensure readjustment of set up of efficiency and provide protocol proving the actual gas burning efficiency results. Users there receive assurance, that thier boiler still achieves required efficiency results.

Series 4 modules are equipped with identical parts from its presentation to the market in 1995 and our service technicians are always equipped with all sets of spare parts that might be necessary to rectify any defect on site. We are always capable to remove a defect on site. We order spare parts from the manufacturer in advance and we maintain basic approximately 1 year reserve of spare parts on our stock.

Prodemco Praha received for IDEAL boilers certificate No. B-30-01251/99, and was authorized to issue the "prohlášení o shodě" and it uses spare parts in accordance with certified manufacturer.

Although we are capable of ensuring service within 24 hours and although some users require this service contractually, in practice it is not actually used. It is due to the fact that we promote the idea of manufacturer, accroding to which the user should realize existence of the boiler room only when remined to make obligatory once a year check. We strive for such quality of our service and repairs so that our visits are limited to the prescribed date of control according to the Legal directive 85/1978 Coll. and that is 1 x a year. During this check, our technicians do all activities necessary for another all year operation of the boiler. The service activity is completed by setting the boiler for optimal values of effectivity and emissions.

Measurement of effectivity and emissions that we undertake since 2001 on all modules under our service proves that modules are still highly effective even after many years of operation. The effectivity is as high as over 92%, while emissions are as low as approximately 50 mg/m3 CO and 20 mg/m3 Nox (with 3 % O2). Such values are not achieved by most of competing boilers perhaps not even shortly after their assembly when in new operation.

The service activity on the boiler Ideal Super Serie 4 does not have to occure only just before the start of the heating season, as is usual and necessary with most other boilers. This rule does not apply with module formation Ideal. To the contrary, to avoid significant loss (often up to 50 % of output) related to any shutdown, the boiler is designed in such manner that the service can be performed at any time of the year. For example, if boiler 300 kW (6 modules) is serviced, it is only necessary to switch off only one module at time. Therefore the user is not limited on delivery of heat, unless the outside temperature do not drop under - 15°Celsius. The service and repairs can be performed even in the season of freezing temperatures, always according to the agreement with the user. The high comfort of back-up with many independent modules usually leads with most users to a practice, when users ignore individual module defect and request repair either when the freezing temperatures significantly drop or in the term of regular obligatory planned service. This is because users have the comfort of other modules back up.