Advantages of Series 4

Why is the boiler Ideal Super Series 4 the best for You:

If you are the type of customer, who likes technically advanced and easily controllable products, if you can calculate your longterm savings (in the 5 years ahead), if you prefer investment into quality that will pay back to you, and if you want a boiler that you dont have to think about and with a low cost operation and maintenance, then the Ideal boiler is for exactly you:

Savings on independent source of hot water (because of heating speed in connection with exchanger Alfa-laval, the boiler can ensure all hot water needs without any further capacity accumulators);
Savings on construction works related to adaptation against vibrations, noise and static endurance of the building (the boiler does not require any of those!);
Simple assembly and easy transport inside the building (boiler can be put into operation within 2 hours, boiler room reconstruction can be planned even for winter months);
Installation is possible in the attic and space demand is very little, thus more effective use of space is possible, such as for selling premises, offices, parking spaces and other economically effective use;
Savings 20–25 % of year use of fuel-gas - thanks to split of output to higher number of smaller modules;
• Almost absolut guarantee of heat delivery without need of 24 hour service. Even in case of defect of a module, another module automatically starts into operation (this is ensured by its built in Ideal boiler independent regulation cascade by 50 kW);
Trouble-free and non-demanding operation;
• Service maintenance can be in many cases limited to a once a year compulsory expert check;
• Operating personnel can be replaced by a surveillance only;
• Product with lowest airpolution NOx - eco-friendly;
• Operation possible even in case of drop-out of equiterm regulation;
• Unified and simple to change spare parts;
• 25 years of operation in Great Britain;


The boilers are imported to the Czech Republic since 1994 (for almost 20 years);

If operational and investment savings mentioned above are applied, the difference in boiler price pays back in approximately 2 years!

You as an owner and final user will maintain the advantage of high efficient product and have trouble free and cheap operation.

Operational characteristics (gas use) of product can be documented by all owners of boilers installed for at least one year. High percentage of users decide to buy another Ideal Super Series 4 boiler.