Welcome to web pages of importer of commercial gas boilers Ideal Super Series 4.

Boilers are manufactured in Great Britain by Ideal Commercial Heating. Ideal Commercial provides a range of heating solutions both wall hung and floor mounted, all perfectly designed for individual building requirements. With over 100 years of manufacturing experience and manufacturers passion for innovation, you can be confident to know that what is offerred here will stretch beyond traditional boiler technologies.

When you choose to partner with Ideal, you can be confident to know that you´re partnering with a British manufacturer that is supported by a dedicated national service team, delivering help and advice to you and your customers throughout the year.

The Ideal brand is heating buildings in the Czech Republic since 1995. In Great Britain, Ideal has been keeping British buildings warm for over a century and believe in making products which are reliable, energy efficient and easy to use, combining the latest technology with common sense engineering that make products easy to specify, simple to instal and maintain and most importantly - reliable.

From the wide offer of products offered by the Ideal Commercial in the Great Britain, we have decided to bring to the Czech Republic the best - gas boilers Super Series 4. You can rely that features of this particular product go far beyond traditional technologies used for heating by establihed and renowned companies on the Czech market.

Boiler Ideal Super Series 4 is a resistant, reliable, effective and light gas boiler. Its main feature is high efficiency. The boiler was examined during its 20 years of production and is very popular on the British market. With its success, it has not been overcome on the British market, in fact it is the longest manufactured product in the EU. The manufacturer assigns the popularity of the boiler mainly to its excellent technical features that demonstrate mainly in low operating cost and low gas consumption, as well as its long life cycle, in which it overcomes all competing products. The boiler retains the ability of cheap operation and other excellent features during all its service life.