About us

First boiler Ideal Super Serie 3 was imported to the Czech Republic in 1994. All boilers Ideal Super Series 3 and Series 4 imported by the company Prodemco Praha, s.r.o. are still in operation! Boilers are serviced and maintained in an excellent condition. Our company concentrates solely on the import and service of these high efficiency boilers, that are outstanding even today among the technical level of boilers otherwise available in the Czech Republic.

The company Prodemco Praha s.r.o. ensures complete services related to installation of the boiler, including the import, transport, assembly and commissioning, consultancy and guidance services for users, designers and for construction companies.

Prodemco Praha, s.r.o. was founded in 1996. Its main activity is selling and servicing boilers Ideal Super Series 4. This activity was taken over from the company VUZ Calor Servis, s.r.o.

Since its founding, Prodemco Praha, s.r.o. held prestigious ecofriendly mark – EKOLOGICKY ŠETRNÝ VÝROBEK.